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Solving problems and designing the right solution

As the UK National Measurement Institute, NPL uses measurements and standards to allow science and engineering to work seamlessly and markets to operate smoothly. Working across a wide range of scientific disciplines, we help organisations to:

  • Continuously innovate to remain profitable and competitive
  • Comply with quality system requirements
  • Understand their manufacturing processes or materials characteristics

We enable industry to use a common language to measure and evaluate performance, ensure interoperability of components made by different companies and protect consumers by ensuring safety, durability and conformance to specification.

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Solve a problem

By listening to and understanding your needs, we can provide unique solutions that combine our depth of knowledge and experience with a collaborative and enterprising approach to design a bespoke solution.

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Train with us

Improve your productivity and efficiency. We provide measurement and calibration training to develop new skills, enhance existing work practices and upskill to benefit from new technology.


Calibrate your equipment

NPL offers a comprehensive range of high-quality calibration services, all of which are directly traceable to the internationally recognised primary measurement standards that we maintain on behalf of the UK.

Calibrate your equipment

Find an instrument

We bring measurement instruments and engineering expertise to your organisation. We develop highly‑accurate measurement instruments, sensors and artefacts designed to meet your unique requirements.

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