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Environmental monitoring

Providing confidence in every aspect of environmental monitoring

We ensure our customers are able to monitor gas emissions reliably and comply with evolving environmental regulations. Our high quality, cost-effective pollution monitoring and analysis services are delivered using unique environmental test facilities. We help industry, research organisations, environmental regulators, government and other measurement providers to evaluate instrument performance, demonstrate conformance with industry-standard protocols and validate instruments in the lab and the field.

Our emissions, ambient air sampling and analysis services are accredited to ISO 17025 and all our measurements are traceable to UK national standards, providing you with ultimate confidence in data and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our expertise and innovation eliminates the need for specialist in-house resources and reduces our customers' technical risk. We deliver revenue, cost and time savings for complex technical challenges. Our unique combination of experts and equipment makes us one of the premier environmental measurement facilities in Europe.

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Products and services

We offer a complete range of solutions from long-term routine point sampling to state-of-the-art atmospheric surveys using remote sensing techniques, such as differential absorption lidar. We provide highly-accurate measurements of industrial emissions, ambient air quality, vehicle and aircraft emissions and occupational exposure.

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Airborne particles
Ambient air quality measurement
Emissions monitoring
Environmental analytical analysis
Instrument testing and validation
Proficiency testing and quality assurance
Radioactivity and radiation services


The NPL Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) is a sophisticated remote sensing system that provides rapid, accurate measurements of airborne atmospheric pollutants. It is a completely self-contained mobile laboratory that carries a suite of additional measurement equipment to monitor meteorological parameters and ambient gas concentrations.


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Improving understanding of low-cost air quality sensors



ROCOF measurements in smart grids



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