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Environmental monitoring

Traceable calibration of differential mobility analysers

NPL provides a traceable calibration service for differential mobility analysers (DMAs)  

A differential mobility analyser is a device found in scanning mobility particle sizer systems used to characterise the size distribution of aerosols. Sectors ranging from manufacturing to transportation are often the source of aerosols which can be released into the environment.

Using a scanning mobility particle sizer (SMPS), aerosols of either solid particulate matter or liquid droplets in ambient air can be characterised and therefore monitored for their effects on the environment and human health. NPL also has the capability to conduct field studies using SMPS instrumentation, both on-site and off-site. Please contact us for technical consultancy on your aerosol measurement challenges.

DMA calibration service

NPL offers a traceable calibration service to characterise DMAs accordance with ISO 15900:2020 using aerosolised, certified polystyrene latex spheres (PSL) of nominal sizes ranging from 80 nm to 200 nm . The relative expanded uncertainty offered is typically 4 %.

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