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National challenges


Science-led measurement solutions for climate action and a sustainable future

Decarbonising the economy as we monitor climate change

The need to decarbonise our economy whilst monitoring and adapting to climate change is driving huge transformation in all sectors. Managing the sometimes-conflicting needs of society and our environment is a complex challenge. It demands a whole system approach supported by a global effort, with decision making that needs to be anchored in trustworthy science and data.

Our planet depends on reducing the consequences of climate change and other environmental degradation. From transitioning the energy system from fossil fuels to ensuring net zero development, we provide the measurement expertise to identify and deliver action to eliminate environmental damage.

The scale and complexity of addressing climate change demands robust evidence to help policy makers, industry and citizens take the right mitigation and adaptation actions and be confident in their impact

Richard Barker - Head of Environment, NPL

Our metrology is making a difference

Limiting global warming in line with the Paris Agreement target of 1.5 °C will be no easy task. Governments and policy makers around the world will depend on science to provide reliable evidence to inform decision making.

As the UK’s National Metrology Institute, NPL can support this decision making process with accurate, reliable data to support climate action through:

  • SI traceable measurements and the development of standards, which enable international comparison of climate data
  • Measurement science to support the development of technologies that can transition into high value solutions
  • Prioritised activity in areas where environmental changes most directly impact humanity
  • Maintaining and applying national science and measurement infrastructure

Supporting climate, emissions and energy innovation research 

Our scientists work closely with collaborators across the UK and around the world to inform our approach to current and foreseeable challenges. We create partnerships with key stakeholders from the private, public and non-profit sectors to help drive innovation by:

  • Supporting the UK’s delivery of ‘net-zero’ greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (2045 in Scotland)
  • Understanding of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental pollutants
  • Understanding the measurement needs facing future decarbonised energy vectors including hydrogen
  • Delivering high quality, differentiated science and engineering ahead of industry need, to enable the transition to a high value, green economy

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Measurement and Modelling Advancement Programme

NPL have led a UK consortium to launch the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Measurement and Modelling Advancement (GEMMA) Programme which will measure and assess changes in the UK’s Greenhouse Gases.

GEMMA programme

Case study

Using polymer composites in offshore environments with confidence


Case study

Verifying cutting-edge environmental technologies


Measurement for our planet

Confidence in climate action

As the UK’s National Metrology Institute, NPL is playing a key role in enabling climate action with impact through the delivery of accurate reliable data that supports climate decision making and enables low carbon innovation

Measurement for our planet

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