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Realising the potential of graphene and related 2D materials through our National Graphene Metrology Centre

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Graphene, the two-dimensional crystal of carbon, has many extraordinary properties and characteristics which are either unique or surpass those of other materials

The National Graphene Metrology Centre at NPL has been supporting the development of graphene through research into the associated characterisation and measurement science (metrology). This is a key enabler to the successful and efficient commercialisation of this revolutionary material and will enable the industrialisation of graphene production and its adoption.

Through our research we are using graphene to develop standards that are based on its unique properties, including a graphene-based quantum Hall resistance standard as part of the Graphene Flagship.

Development of new characterisation methods, standardisation and quality control for the electrical properties of graphene are developed as part of our Quantum detection research. We have developed a Table Top Quantum Hall (TTQH) device which uses graphene to achieve a compact, cryogen-free and fully automated system for high‑precision resistance calibration. Surface technology develops new characterisation methods, standardisation and quality control for the structure and chemical properties of graphene.

We also offer a joint service with the University of Manchester's National Graphene Institute (NGI) for graphene characterisation.

Physical characterisation of graphene and 2D materials

Building confidence in 2D materials and unlocking new applications

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Structural and chemical characterisation of graphene

Helping industry to take advantage of emerging materials and their valuable properties

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Our services

We support the commercialisation of graphene by providing measurement services, characterisation services and consultancy for a range of different properties of graphene and 2D materials.

Graphene guides

Characterisation of the structure of graphene

This good practice guide has been written by NPL in collaboration with the National Graphene Institute (NGI) at The University of Manchester.

Characterisation of the structure of graphene GPG145


Standardisation of graphene

Standardisation is extremely important for the commercialisation of any emerging technology. Standards guide organisations to ensure the quality and safety of materials, components and products for both the supply chain manufacturers and the end consumer.

Graphene standards

Potential of graphene and 2D materials: White Paper

Read the White Paper on 'Realising the commercial potential of graphene and 2D materials in the UK' from NPL and the National Graphene Institute, The University of Manchester.

Potential of graphene and 2D materials: White Paper

Case study

Optimising the mechanical properties of nanocomposites



Reducing downtime and safety risks in food manufacturing


Case study

Commercialising the 2D material set to transform electronics