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Major programmes

Our research programmes are delivering innovation and real-world impact

Using our experience in research and development we lead and collaborate on several large-scale projects. Our extensive network across industry, academia and the international metrology community means we can design, manage and deliver effective research programmes.     

NPL works in wide range of technologies and regardless of the project size and complexity we can ensure real world impact from the investment. Our work covers multi-disciplinary research, development of innovative tests and assessments, training and skills development, as well as close liaison with all the stakeholders. As the UK’s National Metrology Institute, we provide leadership in standards and technology innovation.

National Measurement System

The NMS is responsible for maintaining the UK's measurement infrastructure and enables businesses to make accurate and traceable measurements.


Analysis for Innovators

This programme gives UK businesses access to cutting-edge R&D, expertise and facilities to help solve analysis or measurement problems that can’t be solved using standard technologies and techniques.


Advanced Machinery and Productivity Institute

A consortium, led by NPL, has secured £22.6m funding for a 5-year innovation initiative, the first for the Advanced Machinery & Productivity Institute (AMPI), which will be based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.


The Rosetta programme

Funded through Cancer Research UK's Grand Challenge scheme, NPL is developing a reproducible, standardised way to fully map tumours with extraordinary precision. The work is set to transform our understanding of cancer and open the door to better ways to diagnose and treat the disease.


National Timing Centre Programme

We are developing the UK’s first nationally distributed time infrastructure. As the UK’s timing authority, NPL is enabling the UK to move away from reliance on GNSS and deliver resilient UK time and frequency that provides confidence to our Critical National Infrastructure.


NPL Quantum Programme

This programme supports UK industry’s need for independent test and evaluation, standards and measurement to deliver new quantum technologies. It helps to ensure that the UK generates the full economic and societal benefits from quantum technologies.

The NPL Quantum programme

Work with us

Our research and measurement solutions support innovation and product development. We work with companies to deliver business advantage and commercial success.
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