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NPL is home to cutting-edge research in quantum

Quantum technologies are based on the properties of atoms, electrons and photons. A photon is a quantum of light, for example, as it is the smallest indivisible unit of light. Quantum physics describes the behaviour of these fundamental units which can behave either like waves or like particles, resulting in many extraordinary properties. They can provide unchanging standards to use for measurement and their 'quantum' behaviour can potentially create a completely new class of advanced environmental sensors and systems, with radically new capabilities for timing and navigation, secure communications, driverless cars, computing and other critical applications.

The NPL Quantum Metrology Institute is the leading centre for test and evaluation for quantum devices, and as the UK’s National Metrology Institute, we’re committed to helping you make the most of the new opportunities quantum presents. We have a rich heritage of exploring, embracing and applying the science, so are best placed to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

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