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Data science

Intelligent and effective use of data

We embed measurement data into a trusted digital infrastructure that will underpin future traceability chains

From mapping the spread of disease to monitoring climate change, data holds the key to solving some of the world's biggest challenges. It also promises to deliver improved productivity, helping companies streamline their processes, make improvements and maximise their output.

Dependable decisions rely on understanding the provenance and reliability of data. Our data scientists are working to help organisations analyse and use data with confidence. We are developing data standards and platforms to help collect, connect and comprehend data. We are creating the future tools to analyse datasets, and allow the fusion of disparate datasets to deliver more powerful information. As a major part of our work we evaluate uncertainty to support traceability and reliable decision-making.

This ability to extract meaning from increasingly complex data will shape the future of our society and economy, from the next generation of medical imaging to advanced manufacturing and digital supply chains.

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Our research

Whether developing models for carbon savings of new technologies or applying data analytics to develop new medical treatments, our work helps organisations make decisions driven by robust and reliable data. We specialise in:

Data analytics and modelling

We develop techniques to improve modelling and analytics, enabling predictions and decisions to be made with confidence

Data provenance and standards

We are developing standards for data quality and provenance, to ensure data can be applied effectively to diverse applications

Data science for the SI

We are improving the traceability of data for realising and defining the SI units, and the international comparison of data

Data science for advanced manufacturing

We help manufacturers use data to improve the efficiency and flexibility of processes, and apply new technologies with confidence

Data science for energy and environment

We provide reliable analysis and modelling to help guide action to mitigate climate change and pollution

Data science for life sciences and health

Our work helps to provide confidence in data on which new diagnosis and treatment innovations are built

AI Standards Hub

Dedicated to knowledge sharing, capacity building, and world-leading research, the Hub aims to build a vibrant and diverse community around AI standards.

Our services

We develop techniques to improve the quality, traceability and reliability of data, as well as understanding measurement uncertainties. Our world-class team has capabilities across data science, including signal processing, software and database development, continuum modelling and Monte Carlo simulation.

We use both commercial and in-house packages, and can develop tailor-made solutions, whatever the challenge.

Case study

Improving expertise in nuclear data for reduced uncertainty


Case study

Improving safety in automated vehicles


Case study

Supporting the NHS during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Case study

Validating virtual measurements of 3D models


Case study

Risk-based decision making for effective diagnosis of heart disease


Case study

Improving confidence in data models for real applications


Our resources

We have a number of free software packages that you can download, as well as good practice guides and training courses. Search our comprehensive list of resources.


Our team

Our people are leaders in their fields. Take a look at some of our data science team.
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