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As the UK’s official Coordinated Universal Time keeper, we have created NPLTime®

A time-stamping service that ensures compliance, is independent of GPS and resilient to jamming, spoofing and solar storms

The UK has a proud history of digital innovation, being a world-leading digital economy with significant capability in financial technology. The industry is changing fast as high street bank branches give way to mobile banking, digital payments are standard and new fintech enterprises continue to emerge and grow. Transactions in the city are both growing in complexity and are time critical, so the role of digital technology in supporting the financial industry is key.

At NPL, we evaluate performance, reliability, integration and interoperability of emerging technology, as well as its cybersecurity and resilience. In addition to expanding the reach of NPLTime®, we are exploring ways of distributing precise time and frequency standards to users, including deployment into new technologies.

We are also at the forefront of ensuring the successful rollout of 5G networks to create much higher data capacity and faster mobile internet connections. Our focus on data collection, validation and trust of data, means we provide confidence in digital technologies for businesses and their customers.

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NPL undertakes focused research and development, as well as providing services and bespoke consultancy in the following areas:

NPLTime Certified>®: The UK’s official coordinated universal time keeper

Traceable, certified, resilient, smart and eliminated reliance on GPS. Find out more about NPLTime Certified®.   

NPLTime Certified®

Case study

Delivering trusted time for UBS infrastructure via NPLTime® Certified


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