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Mass and mechanical measurement

We give industry access to unparalleled equipment and consultancy in mass, force, pressure and density measurement

Our team of experts help a range of businesses and organisations to measure and control mass, force and pressure

Whether it's doctors analysing the flow of blood leaving a patient's heart or a manufacturer investigating the performance of their gas turbines and aerospace engines, we give organisations confidence in their readings, large or small.

We provide a wide-ranging UKAS-accredited force calibration service, using the UK's national force standard machines. This offers our customers direct traceability to national standards.

We develop innovative solutions for accurately measuring mass, force and pressure in our state-of-the-art labs. We are also on hand to help our clients to achieve accurate measurements on-site.

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Our research

We develop mass and mechanical measurement solutions for industry, science and technology.


We determine density for a variety of solids and liquids

Kibble balance

With the Kibble balance we are supporting the definition and realisation of the kilogram

Measuring force

We provide the standards for force in the UK. NPL is home to the UK's national force standards – a set of seven machines used to generate precisely‑known forces in the range from 25 N to 30 MN.

Storage of primary mass standards

We investigate the best methods for storing standard weights

Our projects

Our services

Our specialists are on hand to meet your measurement needs. We have unique capabilities – up to 30 MN in compression tests and 500 MPa in pressure.

Our resources

Whether you’re looking for good practice guidance, more information on our research, or our latest publications, we have made a broad range of resources freely available.


Our team

Our people are leaders in their fields. Take a look at our team.
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