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Radiation dosimetry

Measuring and assessing doses of radiation

Radiation dosimetry refers to the measurement, calculation and assessment of the ionising radiation dose absorbed by the human body. Accurate dosimetry in radiotherapy is essential to eradicate a cancer, whilst minimising the risk of severe side effects due to the unavoidable irradiation of healthy tissues and organs. In industrial irradiators for sterilisation of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, the need for accurate dosimetry is governed by two opposing requirements: achieving legal tolerance levels for microbiological contamination, whilst minimising the economic cost.

We provides dosimetry traceable to in-house primary standards for these applications using dedicated facilities such as a clinical linac and high-dose irradiators, as well as specialised Monte Carlo simulation tools. We perform research to develop new dosimetric capabilities following up the rapidly expanding variety of radiotherapy technologies like stereotactic and rotational therapies, as well as for emerging modalities like proton and carbon ion therapy. We contribute to the development of new dosimetric concepts that are closely related to the biological effects of ionising radiation by building and investigating novel micro- and nano-scale dosimeters. We carry out in-vivo dosimetry using portal imaging of the radiation transmitted through the patient and dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy in which radioactive atoms are delivered inside cancer cells via physiological and bio-molecular pathways.

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Our research

We develop cutting-edge measurement tools and methods to ensure nuclear dosimetry is accurate and traceable. Our research covers:

Chemical dosimetry

We are accurately determining radiation doses from the measurement of chemical changes induced in samples

Radiation biology

We investigate the action of ionising radiation on living things

Radiotherapy and diagnostics

Using radiation to better diagnose, treat and monitor disease


Enabling companies to accelerate new medical imaging products to the market and clinic

Our services

We trace radiotherapy doses back to the UK’s primary standard, and audit radiotherapy equipment to ensure the best patient outcomes. Our work helps to deliver confidence in treatments and accelerate the development and uptake of new healthcare technologies.

Medical physics

Metrology for Medical Physics Centre (MEMPHYS) supports rapid acceleration of the development and implementation of innovative early diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, for conditions such as cancer, dementia and heart disease, into clinical practice.

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Our resources

Whether you’re looking for good practice guidance, more information on our research, or our latest publications, we have made a broad range of resources freely available.


Our team

Our world-class team of more than 40 researchers are leaders in their field.
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