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Radioactivity services

Providing confidence in radioactivity measurements

The Nuclear Metrology Group offers a broad range of products and services that underpin the environmental monitoring, nuclear decommissioning and medical radiation industries, providing absolute confidence in radioactivity measurements.

Our services include the supply of standardised radionuclides for the calibration of customer measurement equipment, calibration of customer-supplied samples, calibration of measurement instruments and Proficiency Test Exercises, ensuring industry-wide consistency and accuracy.

Many of our calibration products and measurement services are accredited by UKAS under the ISO 17025 standard. The accredited capability of those services can be found in the calibration and testing schedules issued by UKAS.


Supporting nuclear decommissioning and environmental monitoring

We provide traceability to international standards of radioactivity measurements and classification of radioactive waste, helping our customers overcome regulatory barriers, and ensuring the safety of the general public.

We can supply a range of over 20 different radionuclides for calibration of various detector systems, such as liquid scintillation counters and sodium iodide gamma-detectors. Our range of radionuclides include solid, liquid and gas forms.

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Supporting nuclear medicine

We provide radiopharmaceutical and nuclear medicine customers with high purity, standardised activity radioisotopes and calibration of customer-supplied samples traceable to NPL primary standards.

Our UKAS-accredited services increases the safety of radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine administered to patients, improves drug development and ensures regulatory requirements are met.

We offer a range of services including the supply of calibration sources or testing of the secondary standard radionuclide calibrator known as the Fidelis to support nuclear medicine departments in hospitals, as well as providing support for clinical trials of new medical isotopes.

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Standardised radionuclide products

Standard radionuclide solutions

We disseminate these standards to users of ionising radiation in fields such as nuclear medicine, environmental radioactivity monitoring and nuclear decommissioning. 

Gaseous standards

We provide services giving traceability for measurements of radioactive gases both within the nuclear industry and for estimating doses to the general public.

Nuclear industry

Providing a measurement infrastructure to support the nuclear industry

Proficiency test exercises

Environmental radiation

Assessing the performance of the radioactivity measurement community in the UK


We provide a performance test for dosimetry services who measure tritium-in-urine as part of their internal dose assessment procedures.

Calibration services

Fidelis secondary standard radionuclide calibrator

The Fidelis was conceived to allow hospitals and manufacturers rapid access to traceable measurements for a wide range of medical and industrial radionuclides.

Wide area reference source calibration

Standards for the calibration of surface contamination monitors.

Certification of medical radionuclides

NPL provides a calibration service to ensure radioactivity measurements are traceable to national standards

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Developing a pre-clinical dosimetry service for radiobiological studies



Supporting the theragnostic revolution: personalised diagnostics and therapeutics



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