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Radioactivity services

Radioactive gas standards

Ensuring traceability

We provide services giving traceability to measurements of radioactive gases within the nuclear industry and for environmental monitoring.

We can provide radioactive gas standards of 3H, 14C (CO2 or CH4), 85Kr and 133Xe*, contained in pressurised cylinders.   

Reference atmospheres of 3H, 11C (CO2), 14C (CO2 or CH4), 41Ar, 85Kr and 133Xe* can be produced at NPL for calibration of gas monitors. A mixed atmosphere of 85mKr, 87Kr, 88Kr, 135mXe and 135Xe can also be produced.

Bespoke gas standards can be produced for sale or calibration of monitors on-site at NPL.

Please note 133Xe standards contain 131mXe and 133mXe impurities.

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