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We work with government agencies and commercial organisations to develop and measure the performance of cutting-edge instrumentation, materials and technologies

Enabling the space industry to use new technologies with confidence

The space industry in one of the fastest growing sectors of the UK's economy. Testing, validation and calibration form a major part of every mission build, operation and provision of downstream services, where high value satellites are required to be launched and then operated for up to 30 years without maintenance or repair. This drives the need for technologies to be 'right first time' with rigorous testing and validation programmes carried out on every component for every mission, to ensure survival in the extremely harsh space environment.

Space technology transcends geographical boundaries and is intrinsic to addressing challenges on a global scale. Whether it's technology developed specifically for space applications or existing equipment being adapted for space, measurement is at the heart of the industry. NPL has the expertise to help companies carry out spacecraft testing, mission design, operation of networks and analysing quality space-based data.

We are working to help deliver lower cost access to Space and provide the foundation for future scientific and manned missions. Measurement is an essential component and enabler of Space 4.0, Earth observation and time-dependent infrastructure.

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Space 4.0
Earth observation
Time-dependent infrastructure

Our expertise

NPL undertakes focused research and development, as well as providing services and bespoke consultancy in the following areas:

TRUTHS: Improving climate change forecasts

Find out more about the satellite mission which will support climate adaptation by establishing a space-based climate and calibration observing system. 


Case study

Proving the technology that will underpin the UK’s national spaceflight services


Our research

Our research ranges from measuring the dimensions of components to monitoring the images from satellites.

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Working with us opens the door to state-of-the-art facilities and over 500 passionate scientists with world-class measurement capabilities.