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Advanced materials characterisation

Helping industry to accelerate the adoption of new and advanced materials 

How materials perform is critical to the success of new and updated products. Industry needs to be sure that new materials will function in the way they expect and that any traditional materials used in new ways will not fail in service, even in extreme conditions.

Our experts give businesses the increased confidence they need when evaluating and predicting the performance of their materials through the full life cycle. We can provide detailed, independent analysis to accelerate development and increase both the performance and quality of products. Our comprehensive capabilities also enable us to precisely identify the root cause for any failures in materials, products or structures.

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We have the capabilities, equipment and experience to provide customers with the most accurate and authoritative materials measurements in the UK. Our world experts in complementary disciplines are available to help clarify requirements, interpret results and solve problems for customers. As the UK's National Measurement Institute, you can be sure that everything we deliver will be trustworthy and impartial.

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We offer a comprehensive suite of tests, analysis and consultancy support to help customers understand the processing and performance behaviour of materials through their full life cycle.

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Still struggling to work out what you need? We pride ourselves on giving sound technical advice to guide you. By combining expert advice, standard tests and bespoke consultancy, you can be confident in our approach.

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Validation of novel particle analysis tools



Fast-tracking the development of new materials



Find out more about our expertise in this area, and how we are creating impact from science and engineering.

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Our research and measurement solutions support innovation and product development. We work with companies to deliver business advantage and commercial success.
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