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Quantum technologies

Nanoscale magnetics consultancy

Characterisation of magnetic properties

This service is aimed at companies developing new spintronic devices and manufacturers assessing the magnetic properties of materials in production.  It will also be of interest to researchers and universities studying fundamental magnetic properties. NPL offers a range of services aiming to help solve some of the following problems:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Unreliable magnetisation switching 
  • Magnetic properties not  meeting specifications
  • Test and evaluation for magnetic sensor development 
  • Poor magnetic sensor performance
  • Sub-optimal cross-talk between devices on the same integrated circuit
  • Assessing the quality of supplier magnetic nanoparticle materials 
  • Grain scale effects adversely impacting performance different steel batches conveying dissimilar properties

Imaging magnetic properties on the nanoscale

NPL has several specialised techniques allowing characterisation of devices and materials’ magnetic properties on the nanoscale. We offer consultancy services using a range of state-of-the-art techniques.

Read the recent article about NPL’s work in this area: Magnetic Force Microscopy: Comparison and Validation of Different Magnetic Force Microscopy Calibration Schemes

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Measurement for Quantum

Removing barriers to innovation

Announcing a new programme to support the UK quantum industry through access to specialist science and engineering advice and facilities.

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