Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

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Providing confidence in components at all temperatures  

We enable organisations to understand with confidence the thermal performance of their materials and improve their process modelling. Understanding the thermal properties and performance of all materials and structures subject to harsh environments is essential to having confidence in their design, lifetime and function, across a wide range of industries. NPL has a unique range of instruments to support Industry to understand the thermophysical properties of their materials to support this understanding and provide reliable data to their process models. 

We provide thermal performance measurements to help ensure the reliability of consumer products and electronics, meet regulatory requirements and improve productivity of advanced manufacturing processes through better optimisation of the manufacturing process and design of components. Our expertise can also help to:

  • create durable and lightweight structures for aerospace or automotive industries
  • conserve energy and reduce waste in nuclear power generation and other energy industries
  • improve quality of life through support to the healthcare sector
  • measure the thermal conductivity and thermal resistance of engineering and construction materials
Thermal conductivity, heat flow and thermal diffusivity
Thermal analysis

In addition to research on new measurement techniques and representation on international standardisation committees, we also offer consultancy and a range of measurement services providing the material data required for modelling industrial applications and the accredited measurements required for certification of construction products.

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