Effective delivery of public services

As as the UK's National Measurement Institute, our role is to support government policy. We work with departments and agencies, including the Met Office, the Environment Agency, the NHS and the MOD to enable them to make evidence-based decisions for the safe and effective delivery of public services.

We use our expertise to inform government policy and recently led the development of the UK Measurement Strategy with other UK measurement laboratories. Accurate measurement and standards underpin trade and are essential to increasing UK productivity and growth.

The work we do strongly supports national challenges and the delivery of the government’s Industrial Strategy. Many of our collaborative research and development projects help to address the Industrial Strategy’s Grand Challenge areas of clean growth, AI and data, the future of mobility and aging society. For example, our research ranges from improving the accuracy of air quality emissions monitoring, to developing new hydrogen technologies to designing new ways to map tumours in cancer. We are building the UK’s capabilities to test and verify products and services in new and emerging areas of technology such as quantum communications and 5G.