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Environmental monitoring

Multiple atmosphere controlled environment

Type testing to evaluate the performance of low-cost sensors

The multiple atmosphere controlled environment (MACE) is a type testing facility for evaluating the performance of gas sensors and assisting industry in developing new products to meet the monitoring requirements of air quality legislation. A wide range of atmospheric and environmental parameters can be generated, controlled and monitored in advanced purpose-built exposure chambers developed to meet the type testing requirements defined in documentary technical specification (TS) such as CEN/TS 17660-1:2021. The facility has been designed to accommodate sensors measuring the regulated compounds NO2, NOx, O3, CO, SO2, together with other molecules including CO2 and NH3. 

The MACE facility consists of up to six state-of-the-art exposure chambers and a traceable gas delivery system. This facility can deliver advanced testing and performance evaluation under different experimental regimes, including differing gas compositions, relative humidities, temperatures and pressure.

The MACE facility can assess the accuracy of CO2 sensors 

Water vapour can cause cross-interference in carbon dioxide measurements by optical (NDIR) sensors. To support industry in improving the performance of CO2 sensor systems, NPL can deploy its MACE facility to generate empirical evidence for the effects of absolute humidity, relative humidity and temperature on CO2 sensors.

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