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Environmental monitoring

Continuous monitoring of fugitive emissions

Reliable long-term monitoring of site emissions

NPL have developed a system to provide long term monitoring of emissions from industrial sites. The fugitive emission detection system (FEDS) samples emissions from multiple locations around the site and measures them continuously using state-of-the-art fast response gas analysers. 


Concentration and directional information collected in real-time

The measurements from the sampling points are combined with daily reverse dispersion modelling, based on a Lagrangian multiple particle model, to locate fugitive emission locations. A probability map is generated to identify the likely source of the fugitive emissions which can be investigated.

The model then calculates the emission rates required to generate the concentrations measured. This provides reliable long-term monitoring of site emissions even if the distribution of sources changes during the measurement period. The FED system has been initially used for the monitoring of methane emissions from various sites around the UK. However, the platform approach can be adapted and widened to other emission gases through the choice of appropriate gas analysers. 

This system is backed with an array of additional environmental monitoring expertise and the capability to validate measurements through other NPL systems and services. These include DIAL and The Controlled Release Facility as well as direct stack measurements and walkover surveys. Combined these provide a complete solution for continuous fugitive emission monitoring.  

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