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We provide world-class services for ultrasound field measurement and test instrument calibration, as well as consultancy, advice and training. Our unparalleled in-house modelling and measurement expertise enables us to design, build and validate bespoke instruments using ultrasound-based technologies. Purpose-built facilities and unique capabilities allow us to solve the most complex of measurement problems.

NPL is focused on the development of new ultrasound imaging techniques to support earlier diagnosis and treatment. Our in-depth understanding of the underlying physics, combined with traceable measurement capabilities, makes us the ideal partner for the development of new technologies and to support the demonstration of compliance to the various international regulatory standards for medical devices (e.g. EU MDR 2017/745).

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What we do

We have a suite of world-class measurement services built around ultrasound field measurement and test instrument calibration. Our expertise and unique capability allow us to solve the most complex of measurement problems, including:

  • - Bespoke consultancy to assist with design, prototyping, production and optimisation, as well as QA issues
  • - UKAS-accredited hydrophone calibration services, providing equipment manufacturers with the traceability they require for regulatory approval
  • - Design, build and validation of bespoke instruments
  • - Numerical modelling and prediction capability
  • - Training in use of key ultrasound measurement devices such as hydrophones and radiation force balances
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Our experts develop new and improved acoustic measurement methods that impact on UK services and products, assure safety of medical systems and underpin environmental protection. Find out more about the research and development that we are doing.


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Still struggling to work out what you need? We pride ourselves on giving sound technical advice to guide you. By combining expert advice, standard tests and bespoke consultancy, you can be confident in our approach.

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Case study

Developing standard dosages for new ultrasound techniques



Ensuring the safe use of ultrasound in pregnancy scanning



Find out more about our expertise in this area, and how we are creating impact from science and engineering.

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Our research and measurement solutions support innovation and product development. We work with companies to deliver business advantage and commercial success.
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