Measurement for Quantum - M4Q
Measurement for Quantum - M4Q

Ultrasonic measurement and testing

Calibration for ultrasound equipment

NPL provides hospitals, research groups and industry calibration services for ultrasound power measurement devices and the measurement of ultrasonic output power itself, generated by customer systems ranging from prototype transducers to reference sources. Power measurement and calibration capability is provided covering the frequency range 0.5 to 20 MHz, and power levels 10 mW to 20 W.

High Intensity Therapeutic Ultrasound (HITU), used clinically for treating a wide range of conditions, is a rapidly growing field, and measurement methods are now in place at NPL for customers providing HITU-level power measurement capability on highly focused transducers. The technique has been tested successfully at power levels in excess of 300 W.

Relevant standards:

  • IEC 61161:2013 - Ultrasonics - Power measurement - Radiation force balances and performance requirements.
  • IEC 61689:2013 - Ultrasonics - Physiotherapy systems - Field specifications and methods of measurement in the frequency range 0.5 MHz to 5 MHz.
  • IEC 62555:2013 - Ultrasonics - Power measurement - High intensity therapeutic ultrasound (HITU) transducers and systems.

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