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Electronics reliability

Increasing the reliability of electronic assemblies

Electronic assemblies are critical components of a vast array of today's products, both for consumer and industrial markets. Manufacturers and designers need to be confident that the electronics embedded within their work will perform in the way intended throughout the lifetime of their products.

We have the expertise, experience and world-leading test facilities to measure how electronics will perform throughout their lifetime, replicating in weeks the ageing that occurs over months and years. We can find and mitigate failures, and evaluate materials, components and processes to help customers benefit from best practice approaches to design. Our impartial support can provide reliability testing for customers in sectors from aerospace and defence to automotive and finance. We help them understand and optimise through-life performance of their electronic assemblies.

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Analysing in-field failures

Every company will experience in-field product failures due to electronics at some point. It is often difficult to pinpoint the cause and replicate the failure in the laboratory. We can help to identify faults fast using our systematic approach and predict the timing or probability of further failures.  

Analysing in-field failures

Lifetime reliability prediction

We subject PCBs, interconnects, materials and components to a series of controlled stresses, including temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, mechanical shock and harsh environments. We can replicate in weeks the ageing that will occur in the field over months and years, and understand how the electronics perform.

Lifetime reliability prediction

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We also organise technical webinars on electronics reliability which you can watch from your desk. Find out about upcoming webinars or view past webinars.

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