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Electronics reliability

High temperature electronics testing

Supporting industry to use electronics at high temperatures

Avionics, oil and gas, power management and automotive industries are increasingly operating their electronics at higher temperatures. NPL has extensive experience of characterising interconnect systems for electronics operating above 150 ºC. We provide designers, manufacturers and end-users with reliability assessments, lifetime predictions, in-field failure analysis and bespoke research for advanced electronic substrates and attachment solutions.

Current electronics are largely based on expensive ceramic substrates which have the disadvantages of significant weight and a restricted supply chain. Our suite of test and measurement methods helps to deliver cost effective alternatives to ceramic substrates. We also test alternatives to high lead content solders including high temperature conductive adhesives, sintered silver materials, high temperature coatings and improved PCBs. Our thorough characterisation allows you to understand the degradation in material and electrical properties, improve manufacturability and assess fitness for purpose in high temperature environments. 

Our services and capabilities include:

  • Thermal shock – up to 300oC, with programmable dwells and ramp rates ~ 40oC per min
  • Temperature cycling – up to 200oC, with programmable dwells and ramp rates ~ 10oC per min
  • Thermal ageing – up to 300oC
  • Power cycling – multi-channel switching and monitoring of power devices using cooling platens to increase cycle time, and our new low vacuum capability
  • Hot mechanical shock testing – up to 250oC
  • Hot shear testing – up to 300o
  • Pull testing – up to 300oC
  • Extensive range of analysis techniques including:  micro-sectioning, optical microscopy and image analysis, SEM, FIB, SAM, XRF, EDAX, X-ray, FTIR, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, surface profiling, DSC, DMA and TMA

Learn more about our capabilities

Characterisation of high temperature component interconnect materials
Testing and materials evaluation of a family of cost-effective lead-free alternatives, subjected to up to 300 °C, thermal cycling and damp heat testing. Watch webinar  View slides

Electrical performance of organic substrate materials and coatings aged at high temperature
An evaluation of the effect of the ageing process on PCB materials with surface insulation resistance measurement test patterns conditioned at 250 °C for over 2,000 hours. Watch webinar  View slides

Practical guide to soldering PCBs with high temperature solder alloys
A good practice guide which considers all the materials that go to produce an electronic assembly - substrates, components, connectors, cables and solder - as well as the needs of the assembly process. Download the guide

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