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NPL is internationally recognised for its practical and innovative work on lead-free reliability, PCB interconnection failures, tin whisker migration and conformal coating research. These FREE online webinars provide the opportunity to draw on years of practical experience without leaving your desk. To participate, you need a phone line and Internet access. Please note that registration is essential.

The majority of webinars run for 60 minutes and each one is limited to 100 delegate/company registrations. A copy of each of the slides presented and links to NPL reports will be provided after the webinar. In preparation for the event and to ensure you are equipped to gain the maximum benefit, please read our simple Webinar Guidelines

Initial comparison of rapid test methods for coating coverage & Evaluation of the benefits in combining conformal and hydrophobic coatings

Presented by Laura Kent

5th May 2020 
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM GMT

Evaluations of the effectiveness of coatings can currently take upwards of a 1000 hours using standard surface insulation resistance (SIR) measurements. With the NPL developed condensation test, initial screening and in-process quality control is available within 48 hours. Even shorter testing time periods may be possible with immersion testing and allow for the exploration of contamination tests, for example sea water and engine coolants.
Whilst traditional conformal coatings have been highly successful, they still absorb some moisture due to their polymeric nature. Issues have also arisen in terms of the coverage of fine details. The application of a hydrophobic coating, on its own or in addition to the conformal coatings may prove a potential solution to overcome these issues. This web in also looks at the application of these hydrophobic coatings using the NPL developed draft test standard, the combination of these and effects of ageing.

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