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Drug discovery

Identify the most promising drug candidates as early and efficiently as possible

Many prospective drugs are tested in the drug development pathway, all of which require significant resource to investigate. Our world-leading experts make use of a vast array of techniques to help identify the most viable and effective drugs, saving considerable time and cost.

For example, mass spectrometry can provide high resolution, label-free imaging of drug distribution and concentration within cells or tissues, a powerful technique to help you make more quantitative decisions about possible drug candidates. We have unparalleled in-house expertise to identify the correct approach for a particular drug, and a complete range of techniques to provide powerful insight into the molecular and atomic world.

Pharmaceutical companies, life science start-ups and contract research organisations can benefit from our knowledge and experience as they seek to optimise their candidate drug discovery process.

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  • - We study and measure biomolecules in solution, cells and tissues to extract new understanding and test hypotheses through measurement.
    • - We know the pros and cons of different measurement techniques, and are working to make measurement tools and methods more robust, comparable, sensitive, specific and accurate.
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Mass Spectrometry Imaging

The National Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry Imaging (NiCE-MSI) aims to advance the development, understanding and application of the principal mass spectrometry imaging techniques. We are actively researching high resolution mass spectrometry, secondary ion MSI and MALDI MSI, as well as data analysis techniques and instrument development.

Mass spectrometry imaging

Cryogenic-electron Microscopy (CryoEM)

We have expanded our comprehensive biological imaging capabilities to include Cryogenic-electron Microscopy (CryoEM).



We measure biological systems to support the development of new bioproducts and services. By developing and using cutting-edge measurement tools and methods, we are applying our expanding knowledge of biological processes to help create new treatments and diagnostics, as well as make current ones more effective. Our research into the re-fitting of biological molecules and processes through synthetic biology could hold the key to overcoming antimicrobial resistance, and open up new possibilities for gene therapy.


Surface technology

Surface analysis techniques are key to the understanding and characterisation of the surfaces and particles used in pharmaceuticals. Our world-leading surface technology research has supported the discovery and development of new drugs.

We offer cost-effective solutions to a wide range of problems in areas such as graphene, polymers, sensors, biofilms and nanoparticles using the latest instrumentation.

Surface technology

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Still struggling to work out what you need? We pride ourselves on giving sound technical advice to guide you. By combining expert advice, standard tests and bespoke consultancy, you can be confident in our approach.

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Case study

Validating a rapid analysis tool for monoclonal antibodies


Case study

Independent verification of novel heart disorder diagnostic device 


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