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Biometrology measurements

Bio-affinity measurements

Measuring bio and chemical interactions

We measure the interactions between biomolecules using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR). SPR is a solid phase assay which measures the effective mass change at the surface and can therefore measure both affinity and full kinetic analysis of bio and chemical interactions. We can carry out and assess:  

  • Antibody screening.
  • Antibody kinetics.
  • Antibody-receptor interactions.
  • Antibody stability.
  • Nanoparticle analysis.
  • Virus like particles (VLP) analysis.
  • Small molecule and  fragment screening.
  • Bio-membrane interactions with peptides/proteins.
  • Analysis of serum protein interaction.
  • Oligonucleotide analysis.

SPR requires µg amounts samples of material or less to measure full kinetics and can be automated to screen more than 100 samples in a single analytical run.  We have a Biacore T200 which is a versatile and precise SPR system that provides a wide range of high-quality molecular interaction data. We also have a Cat 2 microbiology laboratory and supporting facilities to handle clinical samples.

We can also carry out complementary bio-affinity measurements using: 

  • Iso-thermal titration calorimetry (ITC)
  • Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and cryo-TEM
  • Protein mass spectrometry

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We develop cutting edge measurement tools and methods to unlock new applications, from drug discovery to synthetic biology. Our knowledge of biophysical measurements helps us understand the relationship between biological systems and processes.

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