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Biometrology measurements

Protein production and characterisation

Production of high-quality protein samples

Proteins have many important functions and are widely used for industrial, nutritional and medical applications. Production of recombinant proteins is an important way to generate large amounts of a specific protein, and is typically achieved by the manipulation of gene expression in an organism so that it expresses large amounts of a recombinant gene.

Production of recombinant proteins is crucial for functional activity studies, structure determination and development of biopharmaceutical products. Our state-of-the-art protein production and characterisation platform offers the following measurements services:

  • Protein design and engineering
  • Expression of soluble and membrane proteins in E. coli (T7 based expression vector systems)
  • Purification of soluble proteins
  • Protein characterisation using optical spectroscopy (UV-vis absorption and fluorescence, FTIR SEC-MALS, high throughput and time-resolved DLS measurements (2μL per sample, up to 70 samples in parallel) and CD measurements

Our services can be tailored according to exact customer needs. The key equipment supporting this service includes:

  • HPLC purifying systems (AKTA)
  • Automated 4C SEC-MALS system (Malven)
  • Automated high throughput F-SEC system (Shimadzu)
  • Automated high throughput DLS system (SpectroLight 620/XtalConcepts)
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer NanoDrop One (Labtech)
  • Gel imaging system + ChemiDoc MP (BioRad)

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