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Biometrology measurements

In vitro analysis of cellular systems

2D and 3D investigations and analysis  

We offer a broad range of cell analysis research solutions for investigations of cell health, proliferation, function and death. Analysis includes:

  • Culture of various cell types like immortalised, primary, stem cell; as single culture and in co-culture set up for downstream analysis
  • Culture of cancer spheroids and organoids using cancer stem cells in a 3D format
  • Cell preparation to probe various analyses like morphology, viability, proliferation, necrosis, apoptosis, and differentiation

2D and 3D in vitro measurements cover:

  • Cell counting
  • Cell morphology
  • Cytotoxicity and death
  • Colony forming assays
  • Quantitative analysis of metabolic activities using Presto Blue, WST-1, LDH, MTT
  • Transient cell viability assessments
  • Cell differentiation
  • Oxidative stress
  • Functional assays utilising biomarkers

These services are delivered using the following equipment:

  • BMG microplate reader
  • Flow cytometer
  • Optical microscope including a Leica Stellaris confocal microscope

We also have a Cat 2 laboratory fully equipped for cell culture. 

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We develop cutting edge measurement tools and methods to unlock new applications, from drug discovery to synthetic biology. Our knowledge of biophysical measurements helps us understand the relationship between biological systems and processes.

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