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The NPL Quantum Programme

Part of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), as the UK’s national metrology institute, plays a major role across the full scale and scope of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme (NQTP)

The principal objectives of the NQTP are:

  • The UK will benefit from significant economic growth driven by the successful development and sale of new products and services based on quantum technologies.
  • The UK will become significantly more secure and more resilient through the exploitation of quantum technologies.

In support of these objectives, the NPL Quantum Programme (NPLQP) uses our wide range of capabilities, delivered with the discipline of international metrology and coupled with our independence, to support the UK quantum economy. The NPLQP ensures:

  • New products should be brought to market more quickly and more successfully by UK-based companies.
  • New standards and regulations should help and not hinder the development of the UK economy.
  • There should be a larger and more skilled workforce across the UK.
  • These benefits should be secured for the long term.

We are enabling the UK quantum industry to develop products with confidence and prove value to customers, end users and investors. In doing so, we are contributing to UK economic growth, creating high-skilled jobs and building a more secure and resilient UK. 

The NPL Quantum Programme Annual Report

Year 3 | April 2022 – March 2023

Read annual report

How we work with the UK quantum community

NPL has a range of activities and programmes within the quantum ecosystem. We can support development and validate progress in new product development, as well as helping companies focus on the most productive avenues for R&D. Find out more about how we can help you.  

NPL's quantum capabilities for industry

NPL’s world-leading expertise and cutting-edge facilities are critical to ensuring end-users, system integrators and investors can have confidence in new products and services based on quantum technologies. Through our work we can support development and validate progress in new product development, as well as helping companies focus on the most productive avenues for R&D.

We have real world impact, helping companies secure funding, move quickly through technology readiness levels (TRLs), protect IP and reach markets earlier. 

Quantum capabilities


NPL plays a key role in the development and coordination of standards for the emerging quantum industries. We are bringing together the UK community with an interest in standards to discuss the value of standards and the importance for UK organisations to engage with the international standards development activity.

Case studies

Here are some case studies to show how NPL has been helping the UK’s quantum industry to bridge the gap from a technology prototype in a research environment to an industry-ready, innovative new product or service. 

Quantum Computing

Increasing the scalability of cryogenic interconnects for quantum computing

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Quantum Sensors

Visualising greenhouse gas emissions

Read case study

Quantum Materials

Revealing new markets for graphene sensors

Read case study

Calibration of atomic force microscope probes

Read case study

Quantum Time & Frequency

Delivering trusted time for UBS infrastructure via NPLTime®

Read case study

Characterising vapour cells for ultra-accurate atomic clocks

Read case study

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Do you have a measurement challenge? Are there blockers in progression of a product or service to market? We have world leading expertise across a range of disciplines within the scope of the National Quantum Technologies Programme.

Contact us and we’ll match you with the right scientist or engineer to help troubleshoot your problem. 

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We have over 90 internationally-recognised researchers focused on quantum and time science and technology. We are training the next generation of scientists and engineers, and developing the capabilities of apprentices, technicians, undergraduates and postgraduates. 

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