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National Timing Centre programme

Resilient time for the future

The UK’s first nationally distributed time infrastructure

Led by NPL, the National Timing Centre (NTC) programme will pave the way for trusted and assured time and frequency distribution across the UK.

The NTC programme is funded by the UKRI’s Strategic Priorities Fund and will develop a secure infrastructure at locations across the country. It will help to improve security and resilience in national time and frequency distribution, whilst supporting UK innovation and skills.

The programme has three objectives:

Objective 1  Deliver a resilient UK national time infrastructure through the building and linking of a new atomic clock network distributed geographically in secure locations.

Objective 2  Provide innovation opportunities for UK companies through funding projects in partnership with Innovate UK based on a successful NPL and Innovate UK partnership model.

Objective 3  Respond to the specialist skills shortage in time and synchronisation solutions through specialist, apprentice and post graduate training opportunities.

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Listen to our National Timing Centre presentations which explore how trusted and assured time will be distributed across the UK and how it can support your business.

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Innovation in time dissemination and application

Funding of up to £2 million for business-led innovation in resilient time, frequency and synchronisation now available through joint NPL and Innovate UK initiative.

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Hear more from the NTC team at the International Timing and Sync Forum

Listen back to our panel discussion on the importance of resilient time at this year’s International Timing and Sync Forum (ITSF), with experts from a range of industry sectors, including finance, government and telecoms.  Learn more on the importance of resilient time to your sector and find out how your business can be part of the NTC programme development over the next 5 years.


ITSF panel discussion Link

Supporting the ‘new normal’

In July 2019, the National Timing Centre (NTC) programme officially began and since then the COVID-19 crisis has challenged us all in a way we could not have been predicted.

Read our new blog from Leon Lobo, Head of the National Timing Centre programme.

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Leon Lobo


Responding to the skills shortage

One of the key objectives of the National Timing Centre (NTC) programme is focused on responding to the specialist skills shortage in time, frequency and/or synchronisation (TFS).

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Delivering impact for the UK

The NTC programme will provide the resilience needed to protect critical national infrastructure, keep essential services running and ensure trust in new technologies. It will enable the UK to move away from reliance on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), like GPS, and leverage a range of time and frequency distribution technologies including fibre, communication satellites, and terrestrial broadcasts, as well as GNSS.

Improved resilience will help to strengthen our society through faster, more secure internet, robust energy supplies and reliable health and emergency services. The NTC programme will be key to the country’s critical infrastructure, bring structure to our data frameworks and support all sectors of industry. It will enable technological growth and innovation by enabling acceleration of new technologies such as smart grids, 5G, factories of the future, smart cities and connected autonomous vehicles. In conjunction with Innovate UK, the NTC programme will support UK companies to develop new products and services to meet these needs.

At NPL we are proud to be leading the way in providing trusted and assured time and frequency. The work undertaken by the team has ensured that the National Timing Centre programme will provide huge benefits to society, whilst underpinning secure applications in the future

Dr Pete Thompson FREng, CEO - NPL

NPL is the home of UK time

As the birthplace of atomic timekeeping and custodians of the UK’s national timescale, UTC(NPL), we are perfectly placed to lead the NTC programme. Our scientists are at the forefront of Time & Frequency research in the UK and provide timing and synchronisation products and services. We are trusted providers of a time-over-fibre service for the financial sector, NPLTime®.

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We provide customers and partners with access to trusted and reliable time, and push the boundaries of timing technologies


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The UK will play a leading role in developing resilient infrastructures for time, protecting and enhancing our critical national infrastructure. For the UK to maintain leadership in this field however, we need to ensure we foster the skills to continue to drive innovation.

Dr Leon Lobo, Head of the National Timing Centre programme - NPL

In the news

Recently our Strategy Director, Robin Hart, was interviewed by BBC’s Evan Davis from Radio 4’s PM programme about the importance of accurate timekeeping, the National Timing Centre programme and why the UK needs resilient time and frequency. Read the full announcement on the National Timing Centre from the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy:

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Find out how atomic clocks are used to timestamp stock trading: