Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

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The NPL Quantum Programme

Part of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme

The NPL Quantum Programme supports UK industry’s need for independent test and evaluation, standards and measurement to deliver new quantum technologies. NPL is a partner in the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme (NQTP)

The NPL Quantum Programme has several key elements:

NPL offers a unique combination of facilities, expertise and experience and will continue to accelerate innovation and successful commercialisation of new products and services around the UK.

The NPL Quantum Programme helps to ensure that the UK generates the full economic and societal benefits from the national quantum programme and the applications of quantum technologies. It will support:

  • New products are brought to market quickly and successfully by UK-based companies.
  • New standards and regulations will help and not hinder the development of the UK economy.
  • There is a skilled workforce in the UK to support the quantum industry.
  • These benefits are secured for the long term.

To learn more and be involved in the NPL Quantum Programme, contact us.

The NPL Quantum Programme is principally delivered by the Quantum Technologies and Time and Frequency departments within NPL.

Stay up to date

Supporting Government policy and aims

Net zero

NPL is collaborating with UK universities and other institutes to explore how quantum technologies and materials can create new paradigms for classical computing, greatly reducing the power needs and power dissipation of data centres and servers.

Quantum based sensors for gas detection can identify emissions and leaks of greenhouse gases, enabling the location and mitigation of sources. NPL has a quantum team working with industrial partners on new technologies to improve the sensitivity and number of gases that can be detected with application both to advanced manufacturing and climate change.

Develop international standards and benchmarking

We are bringing together the UK quantum community including industry, academia and government to establish a shared UK understanding on standards, a position on future standards, and a mechanism for communication to and from industry partners on standards as they develop.

You can be part of the UK quantum standards panel by registering here


Accelerating the UK’s quantum computing programme  

NPL is working closely with the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) to establish the test and evaluation requirements which would best support the NQCC objectives. The collaboration includes research and development in the field of quantum computing, establishing new capabilities and better understanding.   

Skills and talent

The NPL quantum team has led the way within NPL in the hosting of PhD students. There are now over 30 students in the NPL Quantum Metrology Institute (QMI) team and other visiting researchers spending some or all of their time at NPL and around 80 students have been trained and/or part-funded to date within the duration of the NQTP.

Creating a National Capability

We are actively involved and participating in several regional clusters:

  • Photonics companies in Scotland
  • The NQCC and quantum computing companies around Oxford and Harwell
  • Quantum communications networks in Cambridge and Adastral Park
  • Sensing and timing applications in Birmingham.

Measurement for Quantum

Providing measurement solutions for UK companies to help them recover and grow

  • • Building confidence
  • • Driving innovation
  • • Enabling efficiency

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