Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

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Quantum test and evaluation (QTE)

Accelerating the commercialisation of quantum technologies

NPL’s Quantum Test and Evaluation programme (QTE) supports industry by focussing on addressing barriers to innovation and accelerating the commercialisation of quantum technologies.

There are multiple parallel workstreams within the NPL Quantum Test and Evaluation programme, all supporting the emerging quantum industry:

  • New Facilities are under construction to enable the testing and demonstration of quantum technologies.
  • New laboratories and collaboration space are nearing completion in NPL’s new Advanced Quantum Metrology Laboratory.
  • Test and evaluation services are being created to provide a deeper understanding of new quantum-based products.
  • The development and dissemination of best practice in measurement and testing to support consistent approaches across the UK.
  •  Representing the UK in international quantum standards development to ensure that the UK position is understood and included in new standards.
  • Enabling access for UK companies to use and benefit from NPL’s quantum test and evaluation knowledge through our Measurement for Quantum (M4Q) programme.
  •  Working for the whole UK quantum community by developing new capabilities around the UK.
  • Addressing the shortage of skilled people by backing the broader quantum skills initiative providing opportunities for training, education and research.

The investment in Quantum Test and Evaluation includes building the facilities, labs and equipment, to deliver the necessary services required by industry to set the standards for new quantum-based products.

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Measurement for Quantum

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Nanoprobe facilities

NPL’s nanoprobe facilities enable the characterisation and imaging of physical and chemical properties

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