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Make sure you measure up 

Our measurement challenges are a chance for everyone to have some fun and learn about the science of measurement. How heavy, how long, how fast, how bright....? All these measurements will be investigated and you will find out why measurement matters in our everyday lives.

This is your chance to be curious, take some measurements and compare your results. Join in, have fun and learn some real practical science!

Follow us on social media and share pictures of your tests using the hashtag #MeasurementAtHome.

*Our latest challenge – Reaction time is now available.


Support NPL's new STEM initiative  

As the ‘Home of Measurement’ NPL is keen to promote STEM activities and inspire the next generation. Getting everyone engaged and interested in science, maths and engineering is key to improving UK prosperity and is part of NPL’s mission. Through these weekly challenges, NPL hopes to create a measurement community that 'virtually' brings science into households, nationally and globally.  The challenges are led by Outreach Manager, Andrew Hanson MBE.

If you would like to suggest experiments we can include, please get in touch.  

Please pass the details to friends and family - get involved and share the science!


All our Measurement at home challenges are listed below

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