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Developing tools for measuring quality, performance and longevity of photovoltaic modules and materials

Photovoltaics (PV) are semiconductor-based devices that convert light into electricity in a direct process. Promising new technologies need to demonstrate high performance, reliability and scalability of manufacture. In parallel, consumers, governments and manufacturers need to have confidence in how much energy different PV technologies will generate under realistic operational conditions.

Our PV research team provide innovative solutions to the key measurement challenges that are presently limiting uptake of these technologies. For example, upscaling from laboratory cells to production modules introduces performance losses which are hard to diagnose. We are developing novel imaging methods to rapidly identify defects, mismatches and inhomogeneity at the module level.

We have also developed reliable data analysis and modelling capabilities to translate measured peak performance into energy yield. We have collaborated with international partners to help develop new standards for Energy Rating (IEC 61853).

We offer an advanced measurement and testing platform with the broad goal of supporting the development, competitiveness and exploitation of photovoltaic technologies in the UK.

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