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Elsje van Es

Elsje van Es

Senior Delivery Manager

Dr Elsje van Es is the Senior Delivery Manager for both the Neutron and Radioactivity Measurement Services carried out by the Nuclear Metrology group at the National Physical Laboratory. She did her MChem at Loughborough University (2014) and a PhD in Environmental Radiochemistry at NPL, whilst affiliated with the University of Surrey (2018). She also forms part of the radiochemistry team and provides radiochemistry support in the production of new standards and reference materials whilst also being responsible for coordinating the delivery of the environmental radioactivity proficiency test exercise and nuclear drum intercomparison exercise.

Areas of Interest

Elsje’s research interests are focused around, but not limited to, environmental radiochemistry and include:

  • Method development and validation for environmental monitoring, emergency response and nuclear/oil & gas decommissioning.
  • Radiochemical purification for the standardisation of radionuclides used as radiopharmaceuticals and chemical tracers and calibration sources.
  • Characterisation of new extraction chromatography resins
  • Production of reference materials

Selected Publications

van Es, E. M., Russell, B. C., Ivanov, P., García Miranda, M., Read, D., Dirks, C., Happel, S. 2017. The behaviour of 226Ra in high-volume environmental water samples on TK100 resin. J Radioanal Nucl Chem. 312(1) 105-110. DOI 10.1007/s10967-017-5203-4

van Es, E. M., Russell, B. C., Ivanov, P., Read, D. 2017. Development of a method for rapid analysis of Ra-226 in groundwater and discharge water samples by ICP-QQQ-MS. App Rad and Isot. 126 31-34

Mohamud, H., van Es, E. M., Sainsbury, T., Ivanov, P., Russell, B., Regan, P. H., Ward, N. I. 2017. Progress towards the development of a rapid analytical approach for separation of 226Ra using dibenzo-18-crown-6 ether functionalised silica (SiO2) disks. Rad Phys and Chem. 140 57-60

Ivanov, P., Collins, S., van Es, E. M., García Miranda. M., Jerome, S., Russell, B. 2017. Evaluation of the separation and purification of 227Th from its decay progeny by anion exchange and extraction chromatography. App Rad and Isot. 124, 100-105


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