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Oil and gas

We help oil and gas companies to benefit from sensors and digital devices that monitor processes and equipment, even in the harshest environments

Supporting technological solutions towards high process efficiencies

Increasing uncertainty over the future costs and demand for oil and gas commodities, together with the rising concern over fossil fuel emissions and environmental impact, means the industry needs to become more efficient. Greenhouse gas emissions are already regulated through licensing in the UK and regulations may become more stringent. NPL is at the forefront of developing and applying novel measurement methods to suit various requirements.

The oil and gas sector is principally concerned with reducing capital and operating costs and boosting productivity. These crucial industry objectives can be addressed effectively with the application of measurement expertise in areas such as material selection, failure mode characterisation, and non-destructive testing techniques and tools.

There is also a growing impetus to explore alternative and cleaner fuel sources, such as biofuels and hydrogen, to meet energy demand. Biomethane can be produced from a range of biomass supply routes, and hydrogen is produced as a by-product of several industrial processes, methane reformation or electrolysis powered, potentially, by renewable energy.

NPL is a world leader in the measurement of energy gases, from the development of safety standards for biomethane contaminant thresholds for its use in generators, to developing standards to imbue effective scents in hydrogen for its safe introduction in the domestic gas supply.

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We monitor gas composition to ensure compliance with regulations

Traceable measurements and robust sampling techniques are vital to ensure good practice.

Case study

Using polymer composites in offshore environments with confidence


Case study

Enabling the injection of biomethane into the gas grid


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