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Oil and gas

Using technological innovation to ensure safety and sustainability

NPL has a track record of supporting oil and gas operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers by deploying technological solutions which enable the safe and sustainable development, operation and maintenance of oil and gas infrastructure.
We are helping the oil and gas sector to reduce capital and operating costs, and boost productivity through the application of measurement expertise in areas such as material selection, failure mode characterisation and non-destructive testing. NPL is helping the industry to address climate change issues by reducing their carbon footprint and working towards net-zero targets by exploring cleaner fuel sources, monitoring greenhouse gas emissions, developing gas safety standards and analysing gas composition to ensure compliance with regulations.

See below for an overview of the key services we offer to the oil and gas sector.

Environmental impact

Emission monitoring using differential absorption lidar (DIAL)

Providing direct measurements of fugitive emissions, DIAL is classed as a 'Best Available Technology' for monitoring in the prEN 17628 standard and EU refining BREF.  

Continuous monitoring of fugitive emissions

We provide continuous monitoring of site emissions and identify fugitive emission sources, using NPL operated mobile systems or the client set up.  

Site surveys for leak detection and quantification

We offer a range of on-site leak detection and measurement capabilities that can be incorporated into a site survey service to identify and quantify leaks.

Fenceline monitoring - EPA method 325

This is a complete solution for EPA Method 325 monitoring, from initial consultancy and set-up, through to sample collection and analysis.

Stack emission measurement and consultancy

We offer access to an expert team of consultants who have experience in the oil and gas sector.

Fugitive emission measurement validation

NPL's controlled release testing facility can independently validate systems developed to monitor fugitive emissions.

Validation of optical gas imaging equipment

NPL's miniature controlled release facility provides a system to test compliance of OGI cameras to the OOOOa standard. 

Underwater acoustics

We provide traceable calibrations required by regulation to make absolute measurements of sound in the ocean.



Materials and condition monitoring

Harsh environments facility

We are home to a state-of-the-art facility for corrosion testing and electrochemical measurement in the presence of H2S and other toxic species. 

Corrosion testing services

We offer a portfolio of corrosion testing services that can be used to assess the impact of corrosion on processes and materials. 

Properties of composites for process modelling

NPL provides measurements and advice on thermal, fluid and physical properties across a range of temperatures, pressures and materials.

Site surveys using digital image correlation (DIC)

DIC is a sophisticated image-based analysis used to highlight changes in structures and reveal developing cracks or stress in plant infrastructure. 


Sensors and control

Contact thermometry

We provide traceable and flexible UKAS-accredited calibration services for a wide range of contact temperature measurement instruments.

Non-contact thermometry

We offer traceable and flexible UKAS-accredited calibration services for non-contact temperature instruments including thermal imaging systems.

Characterisation of magnetic sensors

We are experts in characterising magnetic sensors at operational temperatures over the range - 55 °C to + 175 °C, suitable for oil and gas down-hole drilling.


Gas analysis

Calibration gases

We provide gas reference materials with the lowest uncertainties achievable, including biogas, hydrogen, natural gases and bespoke mixtures.


Case study

Using polymer composites in offshore environments with confidence


Case study

Ensuring gauges comply with standards in the oil and gas industry


Work with us

Our research and measurement solutions support innovation and product development. We work with companies to deliver business advantage and commercial success.
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