Highly-accurate measuring instruments and sensors for demanding applications

We bring measurement instruments and engineering expertise to our customers in industry, research organisations, NMIs and government. Our world-class instruments, sensors and facilities are designed to deliver the highest level of technical capability and help organisations to address their measurement challenges. We guarantee the performance and reproducibility of our instruments and facilities, enabling you to accelerate innovation and industrial competitiveness.


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Bespoke instrument development

We design, manufacture and deliver innovative measurement instruments when there is no off-the-shelf solution available. We apply our metrology expertise to deliver solutions to advanced measurement challenges.  Working closely with our customers, we ensure organisations get the full benefit from the equipment, as well as provide ongoing support for calibration, results interpretation and correct use of all the functionality.

NPL has complete manufacturing capabilities to develop instruments, and specialist instrument designers, precision engineers and system integrators.


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Other instruments and equipment

We have a range of instrument development projects for environmental monitoring, building on expertise in applying optical and analytical techniques to atmospheric monitoring.

We deliver bespoke instruments for temperature and humidity measurement.