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The Measure of
our Success 2022


We provide confidence in measurement data to enable innovation

Measurement plays a key role in innovation by providing the tools and knowledge needed to design and improve new technologies.

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We ensure trust in measurements and data so trade can flourish

Providing access to cutting-edge standards speeds up industrial innovation, increases competition, creates new markets and boosts investment.

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We help the UK to be safer, healthier, greener and more prosperous

A resilient measurement infrastructure means measurements in the UK can be made with integrity and consistency.

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We safeguard the future and inspire the next generation

Measurement is crucial in supporting the UK’s current and future priorities to help prepare for and address the challenges of tomorrow.

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Every year brings with it fresh opportunities and challenges for us here at NPL, and 2022 was no different. Our focus remained on applying our science and engineering expertise to further the innovation landscape in the UK and we continued to convene thought leaders across a wide range of industries and sectors and from across the UK and the globe.

We remained firmly committed to tackling the most pressing challenges facing our people, planet and prosperity, driving forward technology, whilst continuing to deliver extraordinary impact as a world-leading and exemplary national laboratory. Our focus remained on supporting industry, academia and government in furthering science and innovation in areas such as AI, engineering biology, future telecommunications, semiconductors and quantum technologies.

As a values-led national laboratory I am proud that our diverse and international workforce continues to deliver impact that is truly global in nature. I am hugely grateful to the great minds behind our world-leading work, who continue to play a pivotal role in NPL’s ability to tackle the most pertinent challenges facing our country, and the world, head on.

Peter Thompson

Dr Peter Thompson
Chief Executive Officer

What is NPL? It is the UK’s National Metrology Institute, a public sector research establishment, an important scientific institution and a prominent feature in the Teddington landscape. NPL is a partner, collaborator, convener and adviser in countless relationships with businesses, public bodies and universities.  We work with organisations of all sizes across the UK and around the world.

NPL has many identities. Most of all it is a diverse community of talented, enthusiastic and committed individuals, working together to deliver impact for the economy and society. Our commitment to diversity is enduring and helps us continue to attract and retain talented people. To solidify our commitment to diversity and opportunities for all, in 2022 we became a signatory of the Race at Work Charter and renewed our IoP Project Juno Practitioner accreditation, which recognises action taken to address the underrepresentation of women in physics.

The NPL community has become progressively more diverse, from our early career scientists all the way to the NPL Board. In 2022 we hosted 30 apprentices across science, engineering and business administration programmes, filling our talent pipelines for the future. We also hosted two students on the Government-led kick starter programme, offering young people claiming Universal Credit a six-month work placement.

We welcomed new members to the NPL Board, with recently appointed Non-Executive Directors adding a wealth of experience and insight from different backgrounds, industries and regions to help lead the company forward.

Graeme Reid

Professor Graeme Reid


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