Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

M4R has helped more than 400 UK companies accelerate innovation and bring confidence to decision making and investment.
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Measurement for Recovery (M4R)

Building confidence in the future

Access specialist science and engineering expertise at no charge

M4R is closing 30th September

Owing to the successful number of applications the M4R programme will be closing soon. Please ensure you register your project need as soon as possible.

NPL and our National Measurement Laboratory partners are supporting economic growth and helping UK companies to build back better. The Measurement for Recovery (M4R) programme provides up to 20 days of specialist expertise to solve businesses measurement challenges at no charge.

Through Measurement for Recovery (M4R), we are helping companies to address challenges facing their business, including design, manufacturing, production and processing, regulatory compliance and product development. We’re supporting innovation by helping companies to bring new products to market and reduce costs, which will deliver the confidence required for investment.

Enabling innovation

M4R has already delivered support to more than 400 UK companies, who have benefited from:

  • Specialist measurement advice and support
  • Access to world-class laboratory facilities
  • Direct contact with science and engineering technical specialists
  • A new approach to solving measurement and analysis problems

Applying to M4R is simple. Applications are assessed through a non-competitive process and the single online application form takes just minutes to complete.

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M4R is a collaboration between NPL and National Measurement System laboratory partners. Together we have some of the most advanced facilities, techniques and technologies available in the world.

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A quick, simple one-page application process

To apply, complete the simple online form providing a short overview (maximum 300 words) of your measurement or analysis challenge and how it will help your business. The application process is non-competitive and the Measurement for Recovery team will assess your submission. If eligible, a technical expert will be in touch directly.

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The M4R process from application to project completion

Measurement for Recovery can help your company

Measurement for Recovery helps boost resilience and competitiveness by bringing together the UK’s top scientists and facilities to address problems in innovative ways.

Our specialist services can help your company through:

  • Investigating the feasibility of concepts and validating products and processes
  • Support for the development of new products and services
  • Identifying opportunities for cost reduction or improved productivity
  • Increased product reliability and mitigation of in-service costs
  • Advice on standards and regulatory needs

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Eligibility for M4R

To be eligible to apply, you must be:

  • A UK company registered at Companies House
  • Within your special drawing rights allocation (less than £325,000 of government funding over a three-year period)
  • The limit for M4R support is three projects

Special drawing rights guidance

The M4R programme does not support standard measurement and test services available commercially by NPL or other suppliers.

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Measurement science that delivers impact

This was a critical piece of work which we couldn’t do at the time. The measurement process was excellent, as you’d expect. But NPL also surpassed itself in bringing expert knowledge on how to get the best out of the experiments and data, provided thorough reporting, and quick delivery of data to an incredibly high professional standard. The data are important, but the crucial thing is it comes from NPL. The name provides a seal of quality which opens doors and ensures customer confidence

Christopher Pudney - Chief Scientific Officer - BLOC Labratories Ltd

Funded by BEIS

The speed, the ease, the communications, and the delivery were fundamental to the success of the product. It was so easy, there were no barriers. It happened really quickly, and it was so easy for us to participate.

Robin Turner - Founder and Director – Centrego

The case studies below provide further insight on the value that M4R support has brought to previous programme participants. For more information on the ways in which UK companies are benefiting from participation in the M4R programme click below.

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Case study

Independent verification of novel heart disorder diagnostic device 


Case study

Machine learning model trained for better batteries for transport


Case study

Reducing reliance on plastic drums as part of the green recovery 


Case study

Electrochemical device makes safe and affordable biocide disinfectant


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