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The role of metrology in tackling climate change

What is metrology?


Metrology is the scientific study of measurement, its accuracy and reliability.

Confidence in data for climate action decision making

For policy makers to deliver the best possible decisions on climate action, they need confidence in the data which measures the impact of the actions implemented. Metrology provides this confidence – delivering accuracy and reliability for climate and emissions data that governments, regulators and industry can rely on.

Metrology enables the effective comparison of data which is often collected and compared over long periods of time and across different locations. Through traceability to SI units and with well-defined measurement uncertainties, metrology makes the comparison of these different data sets more reliable and meaningful.

Climate measurement from the oceans to space

Supporting a decarbonised economy

NPL’s experts work across a wide range of climate initiatives – from understanding the impact of wind-generated power on our oceans to the accuracy of climate data collected via satellites from space. We also support the innovations that will help to decarbonise transport and enable alternative fuels for power generation as we move towards an economy free from fossil-fuels.

Traceable data to underpin climate action with impact

The measurements used to understand the way the earth’s climate is changing extend from earth observation via space based satellites, to land based measurement of emissions and the measurement of changes in ocean environments. Confidence in the data gathered from these different systems is anchored in traceability to SI units and as the UK’s National Metrology Institute, NPL enables SI traceable measurements and the development of standards, which facilitate international comparison of climate data.

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