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Electronic and magnetic materials

Electronics reliability webinars

Providing technical and fundamental insight to in-field product reliability

Testing to improve in-life performance

NPL is internationally recognised for its practical and innovative work on lead-free reliability, printed circuit board (PCB) interconnection failures, tin whisker migration and conformal coating research. We offer a range of FREE online webinars giving you the opportunity to draw on years of practical experience without leaving your desk.

Our next webinar:

Measuring high voltage effects in conformally coated PCBs

As electrical vehicle development continues, the requirement to operate high voltage systems in harsh environments increases. To protect adjacent electrodes from discharging through the surrounding air, it is common to isolate them with solid or liquid dielectrics that have a greater dielectric breakdown voltage than air. Ceramic materials are commonly used but can be too heavy for mobile applications. Polymeric conformal coatings are commonly used in PCB applications to protect against moisture and airborne contaminants. In this webinar we will report an investigation into the high voltage performance of 14 typical conformal coatings and encapsulation gels with particular emphasis on their partial discharge inception voltages at low pressures. We will also be outlining our plans for the coming year.

Tues, 5th March, 2024, 2:30PM – 3:30PM GMT

Martin Wickham, Meenakshy Ramankutty & Dhaval Vankhade

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Our electronics reliability webinars are now available in two formats:

New fundamental webinars

Our new series of 30 min webinars is aimed at early career engineers, reviewing measurement techniques and how to apply them to better understand reliability performance and potential impact on product life cycle.

These quick-fire sessions allow a high level of knowledge exchange where technical knowhow is not essential and are an excellent precursor to product trouble shooting and quality control.

New technical webinars

The majority of our technical webinars run for 60 minutes which provide in depth analysis and measurement of testing and performance of applications where we review techniques and better understand reliability performance.

These sessions provide interpretation and crucial in the support of product development and in-field performance issues.

Individuals are welcome to attend both webinar formats.

A copy of each of the slides presented and links to NPL reports will be provided after each webinar where appropriate.