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Characterising magnetic materials

We provide a unique range of facilities and capabilities for the characterisation of hard and soft magnetic materials and the evaluation of advanced magnetic sensors. The demand for traceable electrical and magnetic measurements is growing as new materials and techniques are adopted across industry. There are many parameters of interest, covering an ever-increasing range of operational conditions and frequencies. We continuously develop the measurement techniques and facilities to ensure their traceability.

Measurement of the properties of magnetic materials cover a wide range of material types and geometries and many technologically important parameters. Standard measurement methods are continuously modified so that real-world measurement conditions can be reproduced in the laboratory and implemented to meet industry requirements. Our work focuses on:

  • Magnetically soft materials
    • AC properties, such as loss, of electrical steels
    • DC magnetic parameters of steels
    • Effect of stress on magnetic properties
  • Magnetically hard materials
    • Including NdFeB/SmCo/ferrites
    • Measurements up to 200 °C
    • Magnetic moment and field at distance
  • Advanced magnetic sensors (sub nT - 3 T)
    • Ambient field cancellation for sub-nT
    • High field characterisation up to several T
    • Sensor characterisation at -55 °C to + 150 °C
  • Modelling of magnetic systems
    • Electromagnetic effects on human exposure
    • Magnetic shielding
  • Supply of calibrated reference materials
    • Eddy current standards (2 – 60 MS/m)
    • Low permeability reference standards
    • Magnet standards
  • On-site measurements
    • DC and AC magnetic field surveys
    • Characterisation of coil systems

Our research into the measurement techniques means we can give bespoke consultancy and advice on new applications, advanced testing regimes and novel devices.

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