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Missions goals

TRUTHS improves climate data for better decision making

Space based calibration of data gathering satellites

Whilst there is no doubt that the Earth's climate is changing and near-global consensus that mankind is playing a major role, the timescale and nature of our impact remains uncertain. Assessments of climate change depend on data collected over decades so that small, often subtle, changes are reliably detected. TRUTHS will enable climate scientists to record data related to the Earth's climate with an accuracy 10 times greater than current sensors allow and halve the time required for the climate scientists to make definitive calculations of the changes in the temperature of the earth.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has highlighted the uncertainty in the ensemble of climate models, which forecast a range of potential further temperature rises of the Earth, from 0.5°C to 5°C by 2100. For policy-makers to accept and act upon the data with any degree of confidence, it must be referenced to a traceable and internationally-accepted standard and have a significantly narrower range in potential outcomes. TRUTHS helps achieve this by providing a 'gold standard' to underpin a new era in Earth Observation from space.

Many Earth Observation satellites are used to provide inputs and developments of models that advise policy-makers. The goal of TRUTHS is to improve the accuracy, reliability and integrity of this data through:

  • A 10 fold increase in the accuracy of space based earth observation data
  • Measurement of both the incoming solar and reflected (Earth/Moon) radiation with sufficient accuracy and spectral resolution to allow decadal climate change detection
  • Delivery of the first satellite to calibrate itself – directly traceable to SI units via a primary standard – in orbit
  • Absolute, high-accuracy traceable calibration for other EO missions
  • Making global nadir hyperspectral observations of the Earth's reflectance


Satellite calibration

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