Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

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Understanding quantum science

What is quantum?

You may have heard how quantum science is causing an impending revolution of science and technology. It has the potential to enable quantum computing, uncrackable cryptography and teleportation.

NPL’s atomic clocks have used quantum science since the 1950’s. The following Measurement at Home modules are hands on experiments for all ages that bring to life the function and application of atomic timekeeping:

Give me a second - science of time reference standards

Where on Earth am I? - atomic clocks in satellite navigation

Quantum Shorts

NPL supports the international Quantum Shorts competition which features short films and stories. We broadcast an event featuring the 10 shortlisted finalists, along with some thoughts from NPL scientists

Trailer (56 seconds)

Full feature (57 minutes)


Quantum City

NPL Outreach helps organise Quantum City which is a UK-wide initiative demonstrating quantum technologies at events.

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