Measurement for our planet
Measurement for our planet

Following COP26, discover how NPL plays a key role in enabling climate action through the delivery of accurate, reliable data that supports decision making and enables low carbon innovation.

Quantum technologies

Quantum Materials

Building confidence in quantum materials and unlocking new applications

Materials research, within the quantum area at NPL, focuses on structural and functional engineering, physics and metrology of 2d materials, such as graphene, quantum materials, topological insulators, Weil semimetals, superconductors, metamaterials, semiconductor quantum dots, spin-based systems (e.g. colour centres, spin-topologically protected structures).

We deploy the arsenal of quantum metrology, scanning probe microscopy and non‑contact microwave methods to support the development and applications of quantum materials and related devices.

These materials have the potential to surpass conventional materials in many important applications, such as super-capacitors, ultrafast analogue transistors and quantum technologies. Metrology is called upon to underpin these developments.

Quantum Materials Team

We have over 50 internationally-recognised researchers focused on quantum, and we are training the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers; developing the capabilities of apprentices, technicians, undergraduates and postgraduates.
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