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Quantum technologies

Quantum communications

We are harnessing quantum science to create next generation devices

Quantum communications harness the principles of quantum physics to enhance data security. Traditional encryption methods involve sending digital keys algorithmically, which can be intercepted by hackers, potentially compromising sensitive information. In contrast, quantum communication employs quantum bits (qubits), often using photons of light, which can exist in superposition, representing both 1 and 0 simultaneously. If a hacker attempts to observe qubits, their quantum state collapses, leaving a trace and allowing for the reissuing of new keys. Additionally, quantum random number generation generates truly random keys based on quantum unpredictability. Standardised testing methods for optical components and random number generators are crucial for ensuring the security of quantum technologies, making quantum communications a promising solution for safeguarding sensitive data.

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Our research

Quantum photonics

We are developing technologies to accelerate a new era of ultrafast broadcasting and highly secure communications


We are developing technologies to accelerate a new era of ultrafast broadcasting and highly secure communications

Our services

We work with manufacturers of quantum devices to ensure reproducible and standardised processes, and provide test and evaluation to accelerate and increase confidence in quantum products. We are also helping industry commercialise and deliver quantum technologies and new devices. 


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Delivering trusted time for UBS infrastructure via NPLTimeĀ® Certified


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Quantum communications team

We have over 50 internationally-recognised researchers focused on quantum, and we are training the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers; developing the capabilities of apprentices, technicians, undergraduates and postgraduates.
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