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Quantum Metrology Institute

Advanced Quantum Metrology Laboratory

Supporting quantum technologies in the UK

The Advanced Quantum Metrology Laboratory (AQML) is the new, state of the art NPL facility for test and evaluation of clocks, clock sub-components and solid-state quantum technologies. The time and frequency facility will be housed in a purpose-built laboratory complex.  It will provide stable and accurate time and frequency signals that end users will be able to access, either by bringing their equipment to designated laboratory space within the AQML or remotely via optical fibres. 

Companies developing quantum technology products that rely on time and frequency signals will be able to characterise and calibrate their outputs - from laser linewidths to entire atomic clocks.  UK universities will be able to advance their research capabilities with the ability to carry out clock comparisons for fundamental physics or precision spectroscopy with traceability to the SI second.

New facility with AQML

The interlinked subsystems, including an ultrastable laser, continuously running optical clock and frequency combs, will also generate an experimental optically-steered time scale and make regular contributions to international time scales.

solid-state quantum facility

The solid-state quantum facility will occupy a completely refurbished historic building and will focus on quantum electrical metrology, superconducting quantum technologies, quantum materials and sensors. The facility will house state of the art cryogenic and magnetic equipment supporting the development and industrialisation of scalable quantum computers, sensors, detectors, amplifiers, other electronic components and devices with state-of-the-art metrology. These facilities will uniquely benefit from colocation with atomic sources of stable and accurate frequency signals, as well as with primary electrical standards.

The AQML is almost complete and equipment is being installed.  We look forward to the next phase as we assemble all the instrumentation into a fully operational facility.

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