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Temperature measurements

Furnaces for contact temperature calibrations

For operation up to 1800 °C

Peripherals to achieve the best performance of NPL calibrated equipment

In order to properly implement NPL calibrated equipment, NPL can provide suitable furnaces, bespoke training and associated peripheral equipment.

ITS-90 fixed points 

The supply of ITS-90 fixed-point cells may be supplemented with a complete operation package. This includes a furnace (or bath) for establishing the melting or freezing plateaus, all ancillary components and full assembly and operating instructions. A furnace for preheating and annealing SPRTs, complete with silica tubing, insulation bricks and monitoring thermocouple, can also be supplied.

High temperature fixed points 

For reliable and repeatable implementation, high temperature (eutectic) fixed point cells require a highly isothermal environment. Furthermore, as they are an open cell arrangement, they require an inert atmosphere to be maintained at all times during operation. NPL can supply a suitable furnace with three control zones, argon supply connection, gas-tight fittings, alumina lining tube, and graphite insulation environment.

Wire bridge calibrations 

The wire bridge calibration technique requires a distinct operating environment – typically a single zone furnace is suitable. NPL can supply this stand-alone facility, with associated training in the technique and use of the equipment.

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