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Optical measurement

Detector characterisation

Calibrating the spectral responsivity of detectors

We have a range of facilities available for calibrating the spectral responsivity of detectors and for evaluating other key aspects of detector performance, such as linearity, uniformity and temperature coefficient. Services cover the spectral range from 200 nm to 20 µm, depending on the details of the measurements required and the characteristics of the detector in question. Our facilities can be adapted as necessary in order to provide a wide range of optical configurations, enabling calibrations to be made in underfilled or overfilled conditions, irradiance or radiance geometries.

Spectral responsivity measurements are traceable to the UK primary radiometric standard, the cryogenic radiometer, which provides uncertainties of better than 0.01 % at specific laser wavelengths in the visible spectral region. The responsivity scale is maintained on specially-designed silicon trap standards in the region from 300 nm to 920 nm and on high quality pyroelectric (thermal) detectors outside this range.

Our dedicated detector characterisation facility can be used to evaluate detector linearity of response, uniformity and temperature coefficient at selected wavelengths from 400 nm to 14 µm, depending on customer requirements. 

We also have specialist facilities for calibration of laser power and energy meters at specific wavelengths from 532 nm up to 10.6 µm, and for fibre optic power meters as used in the telecommunications industry.

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